O nás

We have been searching for a long time the rebreather which would meet our requirements and which wouldn´t be too expensive. We have searched for a compact, durable and user friendly rebreather. We imagined the rebreather suitable for normal recreational diving and also for more difficult technical dives in depths about 100 m with trimix as an diluent gas. We also required integrated decompression calculations without limitations for used diluent gas and without need to use next standalone diving computer.

All our imaginings were realized but not in one unit. That´s why we decided to develope our own rebreather, which would be able to satisfy all our conditions.

So eCCR ALFA has been founded!

During our dives and searching of different necessary little things we discovered that some things were missing or they were different than our needs.

So a lot of new types of different and useful accessories have starded up and other will follow!